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   Whether at a client's home, place of business or any other location, we can restore your vehicle to its previous glory. We understand the importance of keeping your personal environment free of harsh chemicals.  Our mobile vans provide  prefiltered declorinated water, , waste water collection mats, reclaimation tanks, power washers, electric buffers, vacuums, hypoalergenic steam cleaner, natural and biodegradable soaps and high quality waxes along with all the tools needed to detail a variety of vehicles.

While others may use harsh cleaners and degreasers that can have devestating effects on rivers, streams, and the immediate surrounding flora/fauna, our cleaners  are derived from all natural products such as soy beans and palm oil and are 100% biodegradable. Best of all, our average vehicle detail uses approximately 5 gallons of water. EPA approved  water  reclaimation systems allow us to capture and recycle the wastewater we generate during services. This greywater is available for clients to use free of charge.

The Last Detail is fully licenced and insured. All of our employees are knowledgable, courtious, and have many years of automotive detailing experience.  

In 1972 the National Clean Water Act was signed into law. This later paved the way for California penal code 374.3 which restricts vehicle wash runoff from entering storm drains.  Many mobile detailers, working in California today, don't abide by this statewide law, destroying the ecosystems of local waterways. 

Since California is currently  experiencing it's worst drought in recorded history, The Last Detail feels it's our responsability to prevent further contaminations of our state's most precious resource.


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Our avg. detail uses less than 8 gals. of water. Half of this water is reclaimed and filtered, ready for your greywater application.*

We use washwater recovery methods to ensure no contaminates enter local watersheds







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All cleaning sevices are performed on our water reclaimation mats to conserve and recycle wash water. Wash packages include exterior wash and hand dry, wheel and tire wash and dressing, interior vacuum w/mats, interior dressing, and window cleaning

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Monthly service plans are great for touch ups or multiple vehicle owners. Corperate event? Let us wash your employees' cars at the office. Recuring sites get extra discounted services. It's a great company perk and can increase public awareness about proper wastewater recycling. We can clean up your company's cars, vans, trucks, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and tractor trailers.

Just let us know how we can best serve your detailing needs.

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All cleaning services are performed on our water reclaimation mats to conserve and recycle wash water. Eco- Plus are our signiture full and partial automotive detail service packages. These eco detail options include, exterior wash, wheel cleaning and dressing, tire cleaning and dressing, spot clay bar paint application, light machine exterior buff, and natural chamois hand dry. Interior options include vacuuming, mild fabric floor spot cleaning, vacuuming seats, clean dashbaords, gauges, plastic and vinyl hypoalergenic steam cleaningtreatment, interior exterior glass and mirror cleaning and more.

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Eco - Ultimate



 Our Ultimate detail packages are ideal for long overdue detailing or those customers looking for the best eco-friendly detail for their vehicle. We include everything included in our Eco-Plus package: exterior wash, wheel cleaning and dressing, tire cleaning and dressing, spot clay bar paint application, light machine exterior buff, natural chamois hand dry. Interior options include vacuuming, eco shampoo for floors and mats, mild fabric spot cleaning, vacuuming seats, clean dashboards, gauges, plastic and vinyl cleaning and treatment, glass cleaning, engine dressing plus a full interior corner and crevice cleaning, 3-stage light swirl correction and scratch removal, premium full exterior wax, chrome polish, enzyme cleaning, interior shampooing or Chemical Free steam clean, light headliner cleaning(if necessary), all natural leather seat or  cloth seat  cleaner/protector application, chrome polish,  wheel well and  under carraige cleaning, and more.

* Prices listed reflect 2 seat small car/pickup rates

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