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Why Should My Car Be Detailed?

A vehicle detail can boost the resale value by an average of $500. When returning a leased vehicle, a fresh detail can cover many minor dings and blemishes saving hundreds in extra dealer charges. It can help seal and protect your vehichle's interior/exterior finish from hazardous conditions. A clean vehicle can aid in creating a restful environment for the daily commmuter. Professional Detailers offer superior products and more comprehensive services than commercial car washes.

San Fransisco Bay Area Waterways Protection

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What is Mobile Eco-Detailing?

     Ecologically-Minded Automotive Detailing or "eco-detailing" is achieved through specific measures to gaurd against actions harming either the immediate ecosystem or regional waterways. At The Last Detail, our cleaning solutions are EPA approved, plant based and 100% biodegradable. Many products are even OMRI listed, for organic assurances. Using Dr Bronners tested and proven fair trade certified organic soaps, and steam cleaning to wash your vehicle's floors, mats, and even upolstered seats, ensures our client's interior fabric is clean and left free of harsh detergents and chemical residues.

      With recent California droughts approaching all time records, driveway detailing methods of the past have become impractical and in some cities illegal. The average driveway detail uses an average of 100 gallons of water. A substantial amount of water pollution comes from the hydrocarbons released during cleaning. Without proper care this slurry of degreasers, motor oils and road grime is sometimes unknowingly discharged into local rivers and streams through storm drains. This slick can have many detrimental effects, including creating an oil barrier which inhibits oxygen from entering the water. This blockage interferes with aquatic insect life, plants, fish, water fowl, and marine mammals.  

                                                                                                                                            While we offer a 100% waterless Eco-Touch detail package, we've found that using a high pressure washer and machine buffer combined with hands-on detailing provides the most thorough, and luxurious end product. For this reason, we do all our vehicle washes on a water recovery collection mat which re-collects up to 70% of our original wash water. Canopies help limit excess water evaporation, and provide shade for the vehicle during services. Once retrieved and stored, this wastewater is taken to a water treatment facility where it is filtered and reduced to a 5 parts per million solid to pure water solution. This filtered water is then ready to be reused, or discharged through municipal water resources.

We offer a variety of eco-friendly a la carte services

including CA approved, environmentally friendly

windshield washer fluid that wont FREEZE, even

below 32f.

Our online scheduling service, email/phone

confirmation, on-site credit card processing, and

client specified service locations, provides convenience for the customer who doesn't have time to wait around for their vehicle to be properly detailed.




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