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"Absolutely amazing work! Was able to fit me in within a few days and did a fabulous job. I could not be happier!"


Sarah H.      San Rafael



"Wow. Totally pro operation. Ryan and Justin came out to detail my husbands work truck which had basically never been cleaned. They arrived on time, set up, worked efficiently. They really had their work cut out for them. When they were finished I was in shock at how amazing the truck looked. I keep finding myself walking out to my driveway, opening the truck door and looking inside in awe. They use ecologically sound cleaning materials with careful consideration of their environmental impact. On top if it all, their fee was incredibly fair. I will recommend The Last Detail to everyone I know that needs a good, deep cleaned and detailed auto".


Neile R.         San Rafael

"Good mobile detailer.  Two guys worked hard on my car for  good 2-3 hours on my drive way.  They do really good interior detailing.  Price is within reasonable range."


Ted Y.     Oakland

"Call these guys right now! They are enthusiastic, timely, affordable, and they clearly take pride in their work--which they should, since it is exceptional. My ten-year-old vehicle had never been detailed and it now looks brand new! Don't wait until you're cleaning up your car to sell it--treat yourself to this excellent service right now!"

J M.            San Rafael

"I purchased a full car detailing...So the work... It was excellent to say the least.  Arriving at our home in the morning, they set up a tent, generator and and all equipment to do the job.  They had their work cut out for them.  I knew they would polish and buff the exterior and wheels just fine but the interior was a mess.  We have a 5 yr old and a 1 yr old who likes to squirt his milk all over the seats.  I was skeptical that the sour milk and baby throw up (he got car sick) was ever going to come out of the cloth seats.  Oh, did I mention the dried yogurt that was strategically smashed into the crevices of the upholstery and just about all of the hard to reach areas had some type of food product crusted on them.  Well, The Last Detail guys got it done.  

Justin also suggested a $20 upsell to clean underneath the hood to help improve the resale value of the care.  He wasn't sharky or pushy about it.  He just offered his professional opinion for the best results.  We added this service and it was great.  The whole car sparkled inside and out (and under the hood).  It looked as good as the day we brought it home...short of the dent I put in the back fender. :)

I don't know when we will need their services again but I look forward to it...and will recommend them to anyone that is looking to make their car shine!"


Loryn H.        San Francisco

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